New Track on Myspace

2008-05-09 16:14:08 by JCsoul

Hey all, just uploaded a new track to myspace: Change it Up

Check it Out!

Later, JC

New stuff on Myspace

2008-04-28 16:28:30 by JCsoul

Hey, just to let you all know I updated my myspace.
A new song and new versions of old tracks were added.

Check it out!

Peace, JC

Hi all!

2008-02-05 11:59:20 by JCsoul

Hey, just though I filled this space with some words of my own.

The name´s JC and I´m a music producer/composer from Portugal.
I mainly just post my screw arounds and experiments here on newgrounds, but if you want to check out some more stuff from me check my myspace -

And I think thats all for now...

Cheers, JC